Householder planning permission

If you need to apply for household planning permission, the best place to start is the Planning Portal which is the Government's online service for planning and will help you through the process, as well as providing information about your responsibilities as a householder.

Please note that planning permission and building regulations approval are two separate things. Some work does not require planning permission, but is covered by Building Regulations.

Interactive guide

The interactive guides on the Planning Portal help you explore how to progress common householder projects.

Do I need permission?

Some extensions and alterations to your home can be carried out without requiring planning permission; this is known as permitted development.

For further information on whether you will need planning permission, please visit our Permitted development page.

Other common household projects

Residential extensions - please see our Residential extensions guidelines SPD.

For common projects, the Planning Portal has interactive guides to the relevant planning rules These include those listed below.

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