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We continue to close the door on anti-social behaviour by placing gates at the entrances of privately owned alleyways where crime and anti-social behaviour is a problem.

These lockable gates at the end of problem alleyways can improve the quality of life for residents help them regain control of these spaces. It can drastically reduce the likelihood of burglars gaining access to the rear of properties. They can also protect the alley from flytipping, graffiti, vandalism and other anti-social behaviour.

Requesting an alleygate

We will consider gating an alleyway if the following are met:

  • the alleyway is privately owned and has not been adopted by the local authority (which means there is no right of way to any person other than the immediate residents within the area and the alleyway is not a designated right of way or footpath)
  • there needs to be evidence of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Alleyways put forward for gating will be prioritised dependent upon the level of crime and anti-social behaviour using local statistics from the police and us. Please report incidents of anti-social behaviour to our hotline on 01753 875298. Criminal activity should be reported to the police non-emergency number on 101. If a crime is in progress or a person is in immediate danger the emergency services should be alerted by calling 999.

If an alleyway meets the above criteria a community project officer for your area will arrange a consultation exercise with residents to seek agreement. General consensus is required with a high percentage of residents agreeing to the gates.

Once installed the gates become the responsibility of the residents. The success of a gating project is largely dependent on residents' involvement.

For advice on the viability of your proposal and, if appropriate, the next steps, please ring 01753 475111 and choose option 5. Ask to speak to one of the community project officers in Neighbourhood Services.

Gating orders/PSPOs

View proposed and confirmed gating orders.

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