Councillors allowances

Members’ Allowances Scheme

The schedules below show allowances paid to councillors.

All allowances are subject to National Insurance and income tax deductions where appropriate.

The basic allowance is paid in recognition of the time councillors spend on their duties as elected representatives. This includes such inevitable calls on their time as attending:

  • council/committee/sub-committee/panel meetings
  • meeting with officers and constituents
  • dealing with constituents’ enquiries and problems
  • attending political group meetings.

The allowance is also intended to help cover costs such as the use of their home and private telephones for which no other provision is made.

The Special Responsibility Allowance is paid to members who have special responsibilities which fall within the following categories:

  • Leader
  • Deputy Leader of the council
  • Leaders of the opposition parties
  • Cabinet Commissioners
  • Chairs and Vice Chairs of committees/panels.

Elected members can also claim travel (outside of the borough only), subsistence and dependants’ carers’ allowances to cover expenses incurred in carrying out approved duties.

Members allowances - outside bodies

Members of the council are appointed to serve on outside bodies by the council. In some cases, members will receive remuneration from the outside body for the duties they undertake during their appointment. These allowances are not part of the Member’s Allowances Scheme.